About Us

Many Estate Agents say they do things differently. We’re “online only” or we’re a “hybrid”. But it’s not just about doing things differently or saying that’s what you do. How is that quantified and who cares anyway? What does it all really mean?

We don’t talk like that. We understand that what actually matters is the love and care you show for your clients and what you are doing, and the attention to detail that you give to their most prized asset. Anyone can talk the talk, promise the world, throw a few images and words on a site and hope for the best, expecting a miraculous result and for you to be grateful!

We know that isn’t a great formula and it doesn’t work. All it does is leave you feeling disappointed and let down. That’s not what we’re about. With us, no matter what, you will receive the best customer service you have ever had and your details will look amazing.. We’ll make sure of it. Period.

We’ll also make sure that you get the right advice on how your property should be presented and will help you do that if you need us to. We’ll give you the right advice on pricing because there’s no point in having everything else perfected if that is way off the mark. We will never give you the figure you might want to hear. Sorry! We’re always straight with you about that because you deserve the right advice and we’ll never overprice to list your property.

Meet the team!

Richard Yeo
A successful business entrepreneur with a property background.  Our Director oversees the team to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. 

Candice Nicholson 
Extremely organised & efficient. She adores property and seeing things through to the end. In a nut shell – awesome!


Jacqueline White
Is simply brilliant with years of experience in the property market and specialises in home move appointments!

Slapdash just doesn’t cut it in our world. When we get your details ready to go online, we carefully check things through and not until we are completely happy with what is going out there, will your listing go live. This is your home – we want people to say – WOW!  Look at that! Got to see this place. You have that one chance to make a first impression. We have to get everything right at this point. Price, Promotion and Presentation are the key things here. 

We then want the buyer to have a great experience on the viewing, so we put our energy and enthusiasm into that. We make sure we know everything about your property so that your potential buyer doesn’t come away downbeat, but upbeat about the viewing and the possibility that this could be their next purchase. If they ask a question, we’ll have the answer ready and if we don’t know for any reason, we’ll make sure we get back to them immediately with what they need to know. Communication is everything.

We champion every sale, no matter what it throws at us. When you ask us to help you sell, we dig in with you. Sometimes sales fall through, no matter how hard you work or for how long. When the worst happens, the bottom drops out of our worlds because we are all in this together, but we don’t moan and whinge or make feeble excuses, we just get straight back in the saddle and fight as hard as we can to find you another buyer.

This happened recently with two properties – both rural. When Higher Tresleigh fell through for the second time, we sat down and got straight on the phone. Within a matter of hours we had secured another buyer who had previously wanted the property but was not in a position to proceed at that point and they were thrilled to receive the call because it meant they got the house they really wanted in the end. Even with the negative impact of the abortive sales, we still achieved a great price and our vendor was very happy indeed. Proactivity is the key to our success. We don’t wait for things to happen. We make them happen.

For the second property, Bradford Ford, we achieved 99% of the asking price despite the abortive sales. Being open between Christmas and New Year was the key to this. We are always open during this period, meaning we were on hand to continue to carry out viewings. As a result, we had two buyers competing. Fantastic for our vendors who have now moved on and are absolutely delighted.

We are not only your estate agent, we are your agony aunt, your life coach and your support network. We never say – we don’t do that; we just offer whatever help and support you need whenever you need it, helping you to get through. We’ll never say we don’t have time. We listen when you need a chat. Even if you pop in and talk to us when we are busy, we will smile and give you that time because we know you need us at that moment and we’ll never want you to walk away thinking we don’t care, because we do.  We care very deeply about what we do and how well we do it for you. 

There’s nothing better than bumping into you, maybe years after your property has sold, and we hug and smile and have a chat and a giggle about things. You ask how we are and say “I see your boards everywhere and I recommended you to so and so last week…” How lovely it is. How heart-warming to know that we are remembered with affection. Thank you. It’s honest, real and simply makes our day.

We’ll never be blasé, because we know that this could possibly be the very first time you have had to go through the buying or selling process. Getting an offer is the easy bit, it’s getting a sale through that can be the gut-churning, frustrating and convoluted process that to be honest, we don’t like any more than you do. Solicitors who won’t communicate, buyers being difficult about the smallest thing to you, but the biggest thing to them, problems with finance, it goes on and on. We are the ones in the middle holding it all together. It takes a very determined character to deal with this stuff, but we are a tenacious bunch and we won’t let it get us down! We’ll be there long after everyone else has gone home, still talking and getting things resolved for you. 

There’d be nothing worse for us than if you walked away with negative words on your lips, disappointment in your hearts. No…we won’t have that. We want smiles and happiness all round! If you are happy, so are we. It makes our day if you are pleased with what we have done and that you are taking that with you on the next part of your journey. When you hire us, you get us, lock stock and barrel and we will never give up, never surrender. We also like to have a few laughs along the way – you’ve got to – and we do regularly belly laugh about some of the things that happen. There’s nothing worse than taking yourself too seriously!